Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.


                                                                                          - Hannah Arendt

Submissions Guidelines

Submit papers by October 21, 2018 via this google form or by email to

Papers should not include your name or other identifying information. If submitting by email, please provide your paper title, name, email, and major in a separate attachment.


  • submissions of any length up to 4,000 words.

  • mostly traditional academic essays, but also any other writing form that serves a work's philosophical content:

    • Poetry

    • Fiction

    • Mixed Media

    • etc.

  • submissions from anyone who has not attended graduate school in philosophy (this includes current undergraduates and authors who are not affiliated with an educational institution)

  • submissions with multiple authors

  • submissions in languages other than English: we will publish English translations alongside the original work




We accept:


  • engage with philosophy written by women and minorities

  • confront the parochialism of mainstream history of philosophy, either through direct criticism or by presenting alternative narratives

  • discuss diversity-related issues in academic philosophy's established practices, institutions, and communities

  • disturb traditional metaphilosophical boundaries (i.e. between continental and analytic philosophy)

  • take risks with medium and methodology

We are looking for submissions that:

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